Goldfever is our biggest party during the year. It’s a kravall at Kårallen, usually held in March.
Theme is connected to the 1970s, for example, flower power, rock or disco.
As of 2023 there is also a laser tag competition during the day of the kravall, Laserfever. Time to start practicing your aim!


In September we host a party at Kårhuset Kollektivet called Impuls.
This is a night to let loose and follow your desires.
Some themes from earlier years have been Old Hollywood, Ibiza and 1920s.

We are also hosting:


The ovve is the favorite piece of clothing of all LiU-students.
As a biomedicine student, the ovve is green, just like Fyllecellen’s, but with longer legs.
When you get your ovve it has to be inaugurated, this happens in or around October.
This includes a party with fulvin and lots of new friends.


Early in the spring semester we host a banquet for all biomedicine-students.
This is a chance to dress up and have a fancy dinner with the people from the section.