Name: Matilda Engman

Age: 21

Homehome: Malmö

Strength: Being the boss

Weakness: Being the boss

Favorite way of getting people to listen to you?

Letting VIP shout that everyone should be quiet ;)


Name: Alexander Engberg

Age: 20

Homehome: Lidingö (Stockholm)

Strength: Arguing with chief

Weakness: Vision

Whats the chance of you using up all the money?

Already did

Vice Chef & Personal

Name: Sebastian Jonsson

Age: 22

Homehome: Linköping

Strength: Insane Caffeine Consumption

Weakness: Gaslighting people for fun

What’s your favourite “The Office” Character?

Dwight K Schrute - Assistant Regional Manager

Biljett & Bokning

Name: Carl-Fredrik (CF) Silverstolpe

Age: 21

Homehome: Gothenburg

Strength: Dance moves, pen tricks, Göteborg, juggling, FIFA

Weakness: Spaghetti med köttfärssås

What the best word that starts with the letter B?

yes you guessed it right, of course its BoB!

Öl & Bar

Name: Eskil Brännerud

Age: 23

Homehome: Tyresö, Stockholm

Strength: Makes the best fulvin known to mankind

Weakness: CSN...

Whats your favorite beverage?

Rekorderlig Skogsbär 7.0

Spons & Webb

Name: Mervan Palmér

Age: 20


Strength: Got a 5 in the social competence courses

Weakness: Can't act like it

Whats your dream sponsor?

That must be either CSN or Systembolaget

Gückel + Ljud & Ljus

Name: Alice Ling

Age: 23

Homehome: Uppsala

Strength: Stay until Stad i Ljus

Weakness: Bikes and manual cars

What’s your guilty please?



Name: Tilda Lundström

Age: 21

Homehome: Ludvika

Strength: Flakdag

Weakness: Also flakdag

What is the most important trait of a festis?

Always be down to party and get drunk

PR & Media

Name: Alicia Grahn

Age: 25

Homehome: Linköping

Strength: Talking

Weakness: Being quiet

How much time do you spend on your phone in a day?

On average 8 hours

Intendent inkl. Transport

Name: Ella Perry

Age: 21

Homehome: Katrineholm

Strength: Cable ties

Weakness: Poor hearing

How do you become the best IdIoT?

Drive it like you stole it

Mat & Sittning

Name: Maya Piardi

Age: Younger than Leda

Homehome: Nice, France

Strength: Dad jokes

Weakness: Singing random songs at random times of the day

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

No it should be illegal

Tryck & Design

Name: Leda

Age: Older than Maya

Homehome: Greece babyy

Strength: Accents

Weakness: Pretending to understand Swedish a bit too well

Do you know how to draw?

No, not really. Can make mean stick figures though :)